In addition to the various services, NiceApps also offers its own apps that you just have to love! NiceClock was the first NiceApp, which is still the most beautiful and most simplistic clock app for the iOS platform.
But see for yourself!

NiceClock is one of the most beautiful Clocks for your iOS device.

Put your iPhone in the docking station and let NiceClock do its magic.
With the function "Disable Auto - Lock" the App stays open.
Enjoy the nice view of the Time with the beautiful Swiss Font "Helvetica new".

You can chose between many nice themes.

Thanks to the night mode you can use NiceClock with a dimmed Screen during Night.

NiceWeather shows you the current weather around the globe in a cute and nice comic world.
Notice how this adorable world adapts to the current weather conditions.

See the position of the sun, how cloudy it is, how the wind is blowing and much more!

Besides that there is a detailed view where you see daily forecasts for the next 7 days and hourly forecasts for the following two days.

With weather data from we can refer to a reliable source.

“Jass” is a traditional card game which is popular in the Alemannic German-speaking part of Europe
The most common variant of “Jass” is the Schieber, played by two teams of two players each.
The scores of each team are being written on a blackboard called “Jasstafel”.

To get more information about “Jass”, please consult Wikipedia page “Jass”.

Jasstafel Pro supports the writing process of a Jass with a simple and intuitive surface which comes very close to the original Jasstafel.

Get it on Google Play

Carneval App is a must have for all carneval lovers!

See the countdown to 'Schmutzigen Donnerstag' so you can look forward to it more every day.

With the carneval agenda you always know what is going on in lucerne and what you should not miss!

- Countdown to 'Schmutzigen Donnerstag'.
- Carneval Agenda that is always on the latest state.
- List of all 'Schmitzigen Donnerstag' dates until 2050.