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Software Engineering
Whether mobile, desktop, web or server technologies, NiceApps clarifies your needs, suggests suitable technologies, develops your individual software or complements your existing team.
  • Microsoft .NET Technologies

    C#, WPF, UWP, XAML, WCF, Entity Framework

  • Mobile Development

    iOS, Swift, Objective-C , Android, Java, Kotlin

  • Web and Cloud-Technologies

    Angular, .net core, HTML, CSS, Node.js, PHP

Consulting & IT Services
NiceApps is happy to advise and support you comprehensively on topics of software development and information technology.
  • Process optimization and automation
  • Designing of software concepts
  • Software project management
  • Architecture and code reviews
  • Web presence
Developing a great app requires more than just programming skills. You have to put yourself in the users' shoes to understand what they need and how a software should be structured to fit their needs. With NiceApps your app can become an "app you love" too!
  • Mockups & wireframes
  • Navigation prototypes
  • Usability studies
NiceApps offers courses, workshops and coaching on software development topics. Among other things, various modules at "ICT Berufsbildung Zentralschweiz".
  • Agile approaches and methodologies
  • Software development for mobile platforms
  • Web design

About NiceApps

Hello my name is Michael, founder of NiceApps GmbH.

In summer 2012 I released my first app "NiceClock", which is the most beautiful and probably most successful watch app for iOS so far. In 2014 "NiceWeather" followed, a weather app that shows the current weather in a comic world. At the same time the brand NiceApps appeared for the first time. Soon more apps were added to the portfolio and with “Jasstafel” the first NiceApp came out on Android in cooperation with Jonas Hansen.

Starting 2019 I have been working as a freelancer with NiceApps GmbH to support my customers in developing "Apps you love". Together with my valuable partners I can offer a large service portfolio.